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We are often faced with painful and challenging periods in our life. You may be troubled by a current relationship, experiencing a painful loss, living with a chronic illness, or caught up in significant family distress. Depression and grief may be enveloping you as you search for answers to help explain the death of a relationship or the death of a loved one. You may be experiencing a sense of hopelessness as you search for a lasting intimate relationship or strive to improve the ones you have.


The goal of On Purpose Coaching and Counseling is to join you in pursuing your goals, to journey alongside you as you find peace, healing and direction, so that you can once again – or for the first time - live fully the life that is your own. We invite you to come explore with us the possibilities. We will do our best to help you.


Perhaps you have never worked with a therapist before and you are apprehensive. Perhaps you have worked with many and have walked away wanting something more. Or, perhaps you have had tremendous success in therapy and want to continue that progress in ways that make your life richer or fuller. Whoever you are and whatever situation you are dealing with, you are welcome here.

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Liz Hansen, Certified Life Coach

I have been a pastor’s wife for all of my 26 married years, and in my work life have supervised staff/volunteers, as well as managed offices for most all of my working career. So when Joe and I began dreaming of starting our own business, we leaned toward doing what we love and have been doing, but in different arenas, for most of our lives – helping and serving others.  So, for me, transitioning into coaching was a natural next step,as I feel like I’ve been doing this all my life!  As someone who loves learning, I wanted to best prepare myself and hone my instinctual coaching skills, so I trained and was certified by Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA and became a Certified Life Coach in 2019. I remember my parents always saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I believe that is true for all of us.  I believe that through coaching, you can find that way forward in your life, whatever your struggle, because I’ve been there, too.  


In my ministry and non-profit work, I found that the passion for me wasn’t just the work, but the connections I made with the people I served.  I found I was listening deeper than the words they were saying, and that my true joy came in helping the deeper, personal struggles.  I realized what we all long for…someone to really hear us, what’s important to us, how we feel and what we believe – what makes our lives matter.  It struck me that I wanted those things, too, and to research life coaching for myself and led me to find my own passion in helping others.  It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my life, but I knew that I wanted more for me and I realized that I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life that kept me from being who I really wanted to be for myself and for others in my life.  Coaching made me realize that we have to ask the difficult questions and then be willing to follow where the answers take you!


Liz and On Purpose Coaching and Counseling are located in Paducah, KY; however, thanks to cell phone plans and video calling platforms, she coaches people from all across the U.S.

Joe Hansen, KLPC, M. Div

State-Licensed Mental Health Professional

I have held ministry positions throughout my adult life, working in campus ministry and youth ministry, helping to start a new church, and leading as senior pastor in local churches. All along the way I've counseled, supported and encouraged hundreds of people who sought me out when they had a need, a problem or an issue. In seminary and in continuing education I have had the opportunity to study and practice pastoral care. But several years ago I began to understand that I have a lot to offer as a pastoral counselor. I embarked on a journey of learning, discovery and practice through the Kentuckiana Pastoral Counseling Consortium.  I successfully completed that training and supervision, took the State exam and am now licensed as a Pastoral Counselor in the State of Kentucky (KLPC).


Pastoral Counselors with this license are recognized providers of mental health services in Kentucky. As a pastoral counselor I am trained to provide therapy across a wide range of issues, extending hope and help without judgment. With acceptance and compassion I welcome clients - individuals, couples, families - to explore the anxiety, depression, relationship issues, fear, grief, sadness, emptiness, absence of meaning, and more I work with them to identify hope, bring healing, and find positive direction for the future.

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